دانشگاه صنعتی شریف-پردیس بین المللی کیش - IPhone
دانشگاه صنعتی شریف-پردیس بین المللی کیش
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Scanner Pro transforms your iPhone into a portable scanner you can carry in your pocket.

It lets you scan multipage documents, send them by email and upload to MobileMe iDisk or any other WebDAV enabled server. You can also transfer scanned document to desktop computer over Wi-Fi and transform it into editable MS Word file with OCR tool of your choice.

Scanner Pro easily handles situations when you have printed document that should be send by email and there is no scanner nearby. The application incorporates special algorithms that enhance image quality to make it as readable as possible.

With Scanner Pro you can:
Scan Multipage Documents
- Scanner Pro can handle any type of document ranging from simple one page letters to multipage agreements.

Make Industry Standard PDF Files
- All scanned document are produced as industry standard PDF files.

Protect Documents With Password
- Scanner Pro allows you to set password for PDF files you create. Only people who know the password will be able to open the document.

Transfer Documents to Mac and PC
- Mount Scanner Pro as a shared network drive over Wi-Fi network to any computer and copy scanned PDF files from iPhone. No additional software is required.

Send Scans by E-mail
- Just scan any document you want and tap send button. Yes, it’s that simple.

Preview Documents Before Sending
- Built-in viewer allows to preview your scans exactly the same as they will look on desktop computer.

Upload Scans to Online File Storages
- MobileMe iDisk
- Other WebDAV compatible online storages (including box.net and Humyo)

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iPhone users looking to edit photos on the go can do so with Adobe’s new, free Photoshop.com Mobile application; and the popular Rock Band franchise is set to hit this month.

Adobe unveils Photoshop.com Mobile

The new Photoshop.com Mobile application for the iPhone and iPod touch allows users to edit photos, apply effects and share images instantly. The application also offers connectivity with Photoshop.com, an Adobe service that offers 2GB of free online photo storage.

“As the digital imaging leader, Adobe is excited to bring Photoshop.com Mobile to iPhone users,” said Doug Mack, vice president and general manager of Consumer and Hosted Solutions at Adobe. “Now, with access to powerful editing and sharing tools, iPhone users are armed with the resources to document all of life’s unexpected moments, make them look their best and then re-live those memories with friends and family.”

Adobe said users can make quick edits to photos with a series of finger gestures. And any changes can be quickly undone, allowing users to experiment and see what works without ruining the original photo.

Features highlighted by Adobe include:

  • Crop, rotate, change color with just a touch.
  • Give an extra glow with Soft Focus.
  • Get artsy with Sketch.
  • Apply one-touch effects like Warm Vintage and Vignette.
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SMS Switcher is a new app that allows you to have multiple SMS Libraries on your iPhone.

You can quickly without any technical knowledge switch them (no reboot/respring needed). For example, you can use one library to chat with your lover and the general library to chat with your fiance. SMS (and MMS) are saved and read from the active library (you can have only one library active at a time).

SMS Switcher by Chris is available from the Big Boss Cydia repository.

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CEO John Lilly has announced that Mozilla will release an iPhone app to the App Store in the next few weeks. Lily revealed this information to GigaOM during an interview at the annual confab organized by students of the Haas School of Business at Berkeley.

“Mozilla will release an app to the iPhone app store in the next few weeks,” Lilly said. “It’ll surprise people.”

When asked if Weave was going to be part of the new iPhone app Lily and Jay Sullivan, Mozilla’s VP of Mobile just smiled and remained silent.

Weave is an in-development add-on for Mozilla Firefox. Its purpose is to push metadata out onto the cloud. One use is to allow users to synchronize bookmarks and browsing history across multiple computers, as demonstrated by the Weave Sync component. [W]

Apple has traditional rejected any application which could duplicate or mimic the functionality of current or future Apple apps. It may be difficult for Mozilla to get their app approved.

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It’s Steven Throughton Smith once again with a new application in the works. After Stack and Orbit, he moves on to Multitasking with this new application.


The information on this isn’t much, but by the screenshot, we can already see that using a double-tap to the Home button, we will open a new screen with thumbnails of all open applications so as to quickly switch from one to another.

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If you were Jack Dorsey, one of the co-founders and current chairman of Twitter, you’d want to think about something else big to follow up on your huge success.

While it doesn’t sound like anything groundbreaking, Dorsey’s new company Square is developing a tiny white cube (see photo above) that plugs into the headphone jack on either an iPhone or iPod touch. The cube is a credit card reader, something missing from all of those credit card apps currently in the iTunes App Store.

The Square iPhone Payment System consists of the reader and an app. After a card swipe, the customer uses a finger to sign the iPod touch or iPhone, one of the participants in the transaction enters the customer’s email address, and a receipt with the location of the transaction, the signature, and other standard information is emailed to the customer.

While most online journalists are anticipating that this device and software are going to be used in retail (can you say Apple Store?), I think Dorsey has bigger ideas – let’s face it, the guy doesn’t think small. So why not make it possible for anyone with an iPhone or iPod touch to be able to accept credit cards for payments? Word has it that the card reader’s manufacturing price will be as low as US$0.40, which means that Square could give away the readers and still make money on the transaction fees.

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